“Palestinian” Arabs Celebrated the 9/11 Attack on America

by Avi Abelow

Original footage taken on the streets of an Arab Muslim city in Judea & Samaria on September 11th, 2001.

We mourn. Moving forward we MUST always remember who is good and who is evil. As HBO is airing a horrible show that paints all of Israeli society as haters and murderers, it is important to remind the public of the truth. Israeli society educates towards peace, love and respect of all. However, our enemies, have created a society that educates to hate and kill. That is THE difference that the world prefers to ignore. Please share this post to spread the truth!

The Evil

As freedom-loving people all over the world mourn and remember today all the innocent American lives that were cut short on September 11, 2001, let us not forget who was celebrating these ruthless acts of Islamic terrorism.

Just as the fake cause called “palestine” was created to destroy Israel and murder Jews, it also stands for a hatred of American and the West.

If you told me after 9/11 that 18 years later the USA would have jihadists, like Ilhan Omar “some people did something” and Rashida Tlaib, connected to the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR organization, serving in Congress, I would have told you that you were crazy. But, here we are…and they are the only the tip of the iceberg of the jihadi representatives CAIR is planning on sending to Congress.

Not all American Muslims are the problem because many immigrated to the USA to escape the evil of Islamism in their home countries in the Middle East. Stopping CAIR and the other Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated organizations in the USA is imperative to save America.

Americans must wake up ASAP.

The Good

On 9/11, one man almost stopped the attacks before they started. Danny Lewin was the first victim of 9/11. An IDF special forces veteran, he was murdered by terrorists on American Airlines flight 11.

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