AOC just got caught lying and staging fake news

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, AOC can maybe win an Academy Award for staging this fake news photo op. How ridiculous can she be? Every American should be appalled!

Staging Fake News

Ladies and gentleman, here is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her hobbies include staging fake news stories and having photos taken of her while she lies to the world. She should be ashamed of herself. AOC has spread lies about the border with Mexico and what actually goes on there. She has called the detention facilities concentration camps – something that is offensive, degrading to Holocaust victims and survivors, and just plain inaccurate. And now this. A photo op. Tweets on her Twitter account. The pain she wanted to show the world. Except, she was standing at the fence of an empty parking lot with policemen looking slightly bored.

AOC did not see refugee children being stolen from their parents and “caged.” Again, she saw an empty parking lot. With policemen. Standing. Bored. But AOC and these “protesters” staged this fake news photo op as if they saw horrific things with their own eyes. They cried and screamed over…absolutely nothing.

Will the Media Cover This?

So, now that the truth is out, will this be shown on CNN? What about MSNBC? It is absurd that her lies have been exposed and the mainstream media does not share it with the world. If this was a Conservative, you can bet that it would be front-page news. But CNN and MSNBC will not dare expose the mistakes of someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The bias is unbelievable. Lies are lies, no matter which political party a politician associates with. People who do the wrong thing must apologize. And the media should not turn a blind eye to certain news stories that go against their political agenda. That is just dishonest. But, that’s the mainstream media for you!

Arab Incitement
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