Obama causes lifelong Democrat Alan Dershowitz to reconsider his party

by Leah Rosenberg

Alan Dershowitz is a huge defender of the Jewish state. He has also been a lifelong Democrat. But he is aware enough to reality to reconsider.

Lifelong Democrat Reconsiders

Alan Dershowitz was a lifelong Democrat. But over the last few years, situations, events, and the major changes in the Democratic party have made him reconsider who he identifies with.

One of the major reasons Dershowitz has questioned his alliance with Democrats is because of former President Barak Obama. Obama befriended Dershowitz. He met with him. The president promised he would defend and protect Israel. But the thing is, Obama lied. And Alan Dershowitz saw it firsthand. After all the broken promises, Dershowitz severed his relationship with Barak Obama. He wanted nothing to do with a president who made promises about defending the one and only democracy in the Middle East and then broke every single promise.

Dershowitz is not the Only One

The Harvard Law professor is not the only Democrat who has been reconsidering his party affiliation. There are many Jews (and others) who have chosen to leave the Democratic party. A national movement even exists called Jexit! It educates and advocates for American Jews to leave the Democratic party. People have had enough of the anti-Israel sentiment. They have had enough of the antisemitism. And some are actually brave enough to take a stand!

Just be educated. Think. Know what your party is and what it stands for. Know its policies. And do not be afraid to question things, even if you were a lifelong Democrat like Alan Dershowitz.

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