Final Message from a Giant of a Man – Dr. Zev Zelenko

by Avi Abelow

It is with sadness that we inform the international community of the passing of Dr. Zev (Vladimir) Zelenko A”H. All of mankind just lost a giant of a man. Hear this final and very powerful message from him.

I was blessed to interview Dr. Zelenko all the way in the beginning, March 2020, and he helped wake me up and help him save more lives.

This man was a warrior, who stood up for the truth against the most vile, evil, corrupt powers in humanity today.

He has saved so many lives and helped wake up so many people to strengthen their faith in the one above and stop placing their trust in the evil, corrupt powers of mankind.This man was a true giant. And he will go down in the history books correctly, once all the lies that surround us all fall down like dominoes.

That day is coming sooner than we think, even though it is not soon enough.

Stay positive. Strengthen your faith in the one above and say a prayer for Dr. Zelenko’s family.

יהי זכרו ברוך.

After the initial interview in March, 2020, I then did a follow up Q&A interview with him all about the vaccine in February, 2021, and then a third interview with him in July, 2021. I was in touch with him the past few weeks for an additional updated interview, but due to his medical situation it kept on getting pushed off.

All three of the interviews with his very important information can be found below.

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