The epic song that will make Airbnb regret their antisemitic decision

by Leah Rosenberg

Some antisemitic people and businesses try to boycott Israel. But this song will make companies like Airbnb realize they made a terrible mistake.

(just in case Facebook again removes their video from facebook again, posted above, here is the youtube version)

Boycott Us, We Will Boycott You

Airbnb’s antisemitic decision was a poor one. They chose to take away all Jewish homeowners in the area of Judea and Samaria who were listed on their website. They did not discriminate against any other race, color, ethnicity, nation, country – only Israel. They also went against a United States law by doing what they did.

And they will deeply regret that.

People all over the world are now choosing to take their own Airbnb locations off the website because if Aribnb is going to boycott Jews living in Judea and Samaria, then others don’t want to be part of such a business.

Did Airbnb think they could get away with such a racist decision?

The Portnoy Brothers

The Portnoy Brothers is a Jewish music group. Their voices and talent will draw you in.

They chose to boycott Airbnb. At first, their short version of their song was removed by Facebook for absolutely no reason. But they didn’t give up. They came back and recorded a full version.

It’s catchy. It’s meaningful. And it gets the point across.

During the entire song, one of the singers holds up a sign that says, “Delete Airbnb.” He doesn’t have to say much. That is the idea. If Airbnb is going to delete Judea and Samaria, many people will delete them!

Israel is a Jewish state. Judea and Samaria is Jewish. It is not stolen land. Look at the bible. Look at history. If Airbnb wants to get political, they should have thought about the ramifications before discriminating against Israel and the Jewish people.

The world can try to boycott Israel, but we aren’t going anywhere.

Arab Incitement
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