Brooke Goldstein calls out Airbnb’s illegal discrimination against Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Airbnb made a terrible decision and chose to boycott Israel. Brooke Goldstein calls them out for doing something completely illegal.

Airbnb’s Discriminatory Decision

Airbnb is, or rather was, a popular company that people use to book lodging in homes and in places all across the world.

Jews use them. Israelis use them. Or maybe in past tense it should be “USED.”

Airbnb made a decision to boycott Israeli Airbnbs if they were located in what the world calls “The West Bank,” more properly known as Judea and Samaria.

Did Airbnb take off Arab owners in that area? No. Christian owners? No. What about Muslims? Again no. They ONLY unlisted Jewish owners.

That screams antisemitism.

Airbnb is trying to be political and make a statement against Israel. They caved in and are boycotting Israel. The areas of Judea and Samaria are Jewish – biblically, historically, and you will even find archaeological proof. So why are they involving themselves when they are completely wrong and uneducated?

Airbnb will pay a price for boycotting Israel and the Jewish people.

Brooke Goldstein Calls Out Airbnb

Brooke Goldstein points out the legal aspect to Airbnb’s decision. Aside from being mistaken and completely antisemitic, their decision is illegal. Goldstein says, “They have just basically served on a silver platter a perfect anti-discrimination lawsuit.” Does Airbnb want to be sued?

Not only did the company single out Israel as oppose to all conflict zones, but then they singled out Jews as oppose to every homeowner. It is so obvious how wrong they are.

Because Airbnb is a United States company, they have to follow the United States anti-discrimination law.

And clearly, they have not. Did they think of the ramifications of their decision?

Airbnb wants to boycott Israel and Israelis. But instead, they will have countless people boycotting THEM!

Arab Incitement
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