Israeli reservist shares a startling firsthand account of what’s happening in Gaza

by Leah Rosenberg

It is against international law to use human shields. Putting civilians in the center of a conflict is just wrong. This is exactly what Hamas does.


Hamas is a terrorist organization. That is known and clear. For some reason, the world does not want to admit that enough to realize that Israel is not at fault for Hamas’s rocket fire and war. Israel is not at fault for the way Hamas treats Israelis as well as its own people.

The people of Gaza are suffering. But that is NOT because of Israel. It is because of their own leadership!

Human Shields

Hamas uses human shields. They place their own civilians in the line of fire. Men, women, children – it does not matter. Hamas does not value life. And the the world blames Israel for civilian causalities. Hamas hides weapons and rockets under schools, hospitals, and regular civilian apartment buildings. They will then have people stand on or near these buildings so that Israel won’t bomb them. They know full well that Israel respects life and wants to minimize casualties.

Will anyone protest this?

Israeli Reservist Speaks Out

An Israel Defense Forces reservist speaks out about his experiences fighting in Gaza. He is speaking firsthand of the terrible truths he witnessed. One common thing that happened was Hamas using human shields. He saw it with his own eyes. There are videos. There is proof.

Israel is a moral country and has a moral army. They do not want war. And they do not want death.

But to protect their own citizens, they sometimes have no choice.

And the world is too blind to see that.

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