This is why Israel Built a wall on the Gaza Border

by Avi Abelow

Once upon a time close to 10,000 Jews lived in Gaza. At one time there were very good relations between Jews and Gaza Arabs. Today no Jews live in Gaza.  Now Israel has to build a wall to defend Israel from the terror network in Gaza.

The Judean roundtable visited the Gaza border and saw with their own eyes why Israel is building a wall on the Gaza border. After a full day of touring the area, as close to Hamas held Gaza territory as possible, they then ended the day showering the Jewish children living on the Gaza border with love and support, in preparation of the upcoming Chanukah holiday celebrations.

Jewish Gaza

Jews have a long history of life in Gaza. A number of Rabbis in the Talmud lived in Gaza. Until a number of years ago, there was a special Jewish archaeological site in Gaza City.  It contained a synagogue with ancient mosaic floors.  There are even Scriptures that connect Abraham and Isaac to the area where Gaza is today. Unfortunately, the mosaic site no longer exists today.

In modern history, Jews lived in Gaza before the 1948 war of Independence in a community called Kfar Darom. That Jewish community was destroyed.  Gaza became Jew-free once it was captured and illegally occupied by Egypt from 1948-1967.

After Israel liberated the Gaza Strip from Egypt in the 1967 Six Day War, Israel resettled Kfar Darom.  Then, Israel established more Jewish communities as part of a strategic plan to defend all of Israel.

Bringing the Desert to Life

The Jews who resettled in the Gaza strip developed an oasis of farms in the Gaza desert sands with produce that was shipped all over the world. Many Gaza Arabs worked in the Jewish farms. In addition, Jews used to do their shopping in the Arab cities of Gaza and Khan Yunis. Those were times of true peace, where Jews and Arab Muslims in Gaza lived peacefully together.

The security situation began to deteriorate after Israel signed the Oslo Accords in 1993. This allowed the PLO terrorists to take control of the Arab areas in the Gaza Strip, and Judea & Samaria.

The Wall

Unfortunately, the peace process did not bring peace.  It destroyed whatever peaceful relations existed between Jews and Arab Muslims in Gaza. Today, no Jews live in Gaza, and the Muslim terrorists in Gaza shoot rockets at Israeli communities in the air and build terror tunnels under the ground.

Israel is now building this security wall, that goes 16 meters below ground as well, as part of a security barrier to protect Israelis from the growing Gaza terror.

Arab Incitement
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