The chilling story of the Jews who danced in Nazi Hell

by Leah Rosenberg

Can a person dance in the Nazi hell?  Is it possible to overcome the worst forms of evil in this world?  Well, now we know.  The answer is yes.  Despite the fact that the Nazis killed 6 million Jews, the spirit of the Jewish people defeated the Nazi dragon.  It lives on and thrives, while Nazism is a fringe group.

Physical vs. Spiritual

Obviously, the Jewish people were destroyed physically.  The Nazis murdered the bodies of more than 6 million Jewish people.  But, there were 6 million Jewish souls that went higher and higher through each room of hell on earth that they fought in.  They prayed and prayed endlessly – most until their very last breath. Many even managed to sing.

There are hundreds of people – Jewish survivor and Nazi alike – who brought back evidence of Jewish people singing as they were forced into the gas chambers.  This is unfathomable, but it is absolutely true.  They accepted the Heavenly decree and died in a dignified manner.

Faith in Hell

Although tens of thousands of Jews attempted to escape the death camps, very few actually succeeded.  Nazi guards with machine guns and German shepherds vs. starving prisoners discouraged nearly every prisoner from attempting to escape.  But so many still did try.  For most of the Jews, they knew when the end was near at the very end.  So many sang the “Ani Maamin” – “I believe.”  It is an eternal song of faith.  There has never been a people that has had a better reason to NOT believe in God than the victims of the Holocaust.  Yet so many held on to their basic belief in God in the darkest days.

We should always learn from their strength whenever we are faced with challenges.  The human spirit can overcome so much if the will is there to fight.


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