Jews are being murdered as the world ignores this frightening hatred

by Leah Rosenberg

Is hatred of Jews and antisemitism on the rise?  Almost all statistics indicate that it is.  But is this a surprise?  For many people, it is a surprise.  But it should not be.

Back to Normal

The world never existed for any extended amount of time without widespread anti-semitism.  It was always just a question of degree.  Before World War II and the Holocaust, some of the worst pogroms and antisemitic attacks occurred.   Even after the Holocaust ended in 1945 and the remnant of the Jewish people began to rebuild, there were more pogroms.  To be very clear, in these pogroms, tens of Jews were killed.  But, in the decades following the Holocaust, there was somewhat of a lull, and antisemitism decreased.  Perhaps this was due to the shock of the horrors of the Holocaust.  Or perhaps it was somehow due to the build-up of the State of Israel.

Either way, the return to a world filled with anti-semitism is not abnormal.  It is 100% normal.

Best Solution to Anti-Semitism

There is a solution to anti-semitism – in Israel.  There is no real solution to anti-semitism outside of the State of Israel.  Outside of Israel, all the Jewish people can do is lobby, hope for the best, and pray.

There is indeed a path ahead for the Jews in the exile.  That path is to place the central focus of their life in the State of Israel. Also, as far as antisemitism, the ultimate solution is to only have faith in the Jewish people to defend themselves.  This can only happen in a Jewish state.

The world has changed.  Anyone who decides to stay outside of Israel when anti-semitism hits their country has chosen a dangerous path.  There is a solution today.


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