U.S. court orders a place of Jewish life to be demolished

by Leah Rosenberg

Towson University in Maryland is like so many other Universities.  In addition to the regular dormitories, in Towson, there is a Center for Jewish Life.  This amazing couple managed to somehow build a million dollar building in order to continue Jewish life in this University.  However, a court order came down that doesn’t just penalize them, but actually will bring them to their knees.

A Few Options

There are a few options.  On the Towson crisis website, there are a few options drawn up.

  1. Pay for a settlement with the neighbors
  2. Donate to move the house (if permitted by the court)
  3. Contribute to the exorbitant costs the court is imposing on Chabad of Towson to destroy its own building, and the cost to rebuild.

In all scenarios, these funds will ensure there is a home away from home for the Jewish students of Towson University and Goucher College.

Rabbi Rivkin claims that this kind of a drastic order has never been done before.  A religious hospitality center has never been been demolished.

A Few Ways to Help

If you would like to save the Chabad House, there are a few options.

  1.  Help defray the legal costs and stop the destruction.  They have raised a bit more than $100,000.  Now they need another $400,000.  Click to Donate.
  2. Write a Note to an influential councilman.




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