Emotional footage of Yazidi women and children being reunited with families

by Leah Rosenberg

The Yazidi women and children that you are watching are the true victims of the war in Iraq. ISIS has killed so many Yazidi people and made life a living hell for so many others. It is wonderful to see any form of positive emotional event for the Yazidi people. These are the real refugees from the conflict in Iraq.

The War in Iraq

This war is not a popular war, but it is absolutely necessary. The larger question is how to end the war most effectively. The beginning of the war was shrouded in alot of intrigue. There is no question that George W. Bush chose to attack Iraq following 9/11. It was based on the policy that the United States would treat terror organizations or any country that harbored terrorists as fair game. This led to the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. The attacks on Iraq were justified by supposed intelligence that Iraq had chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction. But, the United States found none. This combined with the fact that the cost in US lives continued to grow led the Iraq war to becoming a very unpopular war. Some even referred to it as the Vietnam of the 21st century.

But this is a mistake. It was an absolutely necessary war. The problem was the idea of rebuilding Iraq should never have been part of the plan. The US should have made it clear that any country that poses a threat to the free world is a target of the free world. But, rebuilding is something that ought to be left to the locals – even if it means that the locals fight it out. But US soldiers should not be used to rebuild countries – only to knock out threats.

Motivation for Terror
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