Watch as Biblical stories come to life where they actually happened!

by Leah Rosenberg

Biblical stories are more than just tales from a storybook. They actually happened, and in Israel, you can see where! This is unbelievable!

Biblical Stories

Some Biblical stories are more well known than others. Some people of the Bible are also more well known. Whether you know about the story told here in this video or not, it is amazing to see where it actually took place. That is one of the wonderful things about Israel. You can walk through history – literally. You can step on the same stones, paths, and roads that our forefathers walked on thousands of years ago. Mountains come to life. Inanimate objects speak for themselves and tell the stories of thousands of years ago.

See where King David wrote some of his Psalms, where he got inspiration from. It feels like nothing you have ever felt before!

The Jewish Connection to Israel

Yet, people still deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, to Israel. It seems strange. After learning about the history and seeing where the stories in the Bible happened, how can anyone deny such strong evidence? The Jewish people have lived in the land of Israel continuously for thousands of years. Archaeology proves it too! The facts all point in one direction.

And then some people come recently and claim that the land belongs to them. Do you see the absurdity in that claim? How is it that people believe that myth? Why do people ignore the Bible, history, archaeology, and every other proof? It is just ridiculous!

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