American Muslim woman destroys Muslim Congresswoman for antisemitism

by Leah Rosenberg

When an American Muslim herself speaks up against Ilhan Omar, the world better listen. America and American Muslims will be in big trouble if they don’t.

The American Muslim against Omar

Dr. Quanta Ahmed is not afraid to speak out against the new congresswoman, Ilhan Omar. Omar is an anti-semite. Some people like to pretend she is not, but anyone with some sanity knows the truth. And Dr. Ahmed addresses an important point. She wrote an op-ed titled: “Ilhan Omar brings shame to American Muslims.” Omar is marking every American Muslim as an anti-semite.

Will More People Stand Up?

Will there be more strong voices that criticize Omar? Dr. Ahmed clearly says criticizing her hate speech is NOT Islamophobic! Ahmed is a Muslim herself, and she is even saying that. Those who condemn her do so because she is an anti-semite, not because she is a Muslim.

Ilhan Omar has really caused others to look down upon the Democratic party. Will Democrats be able to fix the damage she has caused? Or will they continue to stay silent as she speaks out against American values and American allies? What will they do to rebuild their broken image? Right now, they have not done enough.


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