What you need to know to prove every anti-Israel activist wrong

by Leah Rosenberg

What do you say when you encounter an anti-Israel activist? This video is the perfect way to prove all the myths wrong by sharing the truth!

The Anti-Israel Activist

Every anti-Israel activist is the same. They want to demonize Israel. They want to criticize Israel, and they use lies to do so. And the problem is that so many people do not know the truth. So then they just believe the lies. But the more we fight the lies with the truth, maybe more people will believe that Israel is not the problem. Israel is the solution!

Israel did NOT steal land from the Palestinians. Israel does NOT use excessive force. The Palestinian Arabs goal is not to have their own state but to destroy Israel. Terrorism is NOT because of any “occupation” or “oppression.” And Israel is NOT an apartheid state. There are many more myths that people spread about Israel, but this video addresses some of the main lies and gives the information about the truth.

How Do the Lies Spread?

It is mind-boggling how the lies about Israel spread. College campuses are filled with anti-Israel activists. The whole world is. Sometimes it is ignorance, and sometimes it is antisemitism. Of course, if it is antisemitism, that type of anti-Israel activist will not care about the truth. They will continue to spread the lies happily. But if someone just does not know the facts, then videos like this can really help Israel. Knowing what actually happens in the Middle East is so easy. The answers are easily accessible. People just have to be willing to ask the questions and to realize that Israel is not evil. Just take a look at the rest of the Middle East. Maybe these anti-Israel activists should start searching for real causes to fight for. Maybe then peace will come.

Arab Incitement
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