Gaza woman slams Arab world for shunning peace

by Phil Schneider

No matter how many Israelis talk about why it is moral and right for Israel to defend itself from it’s enemies, this speech from a Gaza woman is even more convincing. She grew up there. She understands from the inside what the religion that she was raised in is all about.

We can hope and dream about a peaceful Middle East. But, in today’s day and age, with the education that so many children receive in the entire Middle East – and especially Gaza – we’ll need to wait at least another generation or two till we have someone to talk to.

Gaza before 2005

Between 1948 and 1967, the little State of Israel was constantly attacked from outside it’s barely defensible borders. The main location from where terrorists struck from was Gaza. There were hundreds of thousands of Arabs who lived outside of Israel’s borders. Egypt made sure to keep most of them living in squalor – in refugee camps. This way, they would be a perfect breeding ground for terror against the State of Israel.

All of this changed in 1967. Israel struck back when Egypt declared their intention to throw the Jews into the Sea and closed the Straits of Tiran. Israel attacked before the Arab countries penetrated and changed the borders from a situation of non-defensible to defensible borders. The idea of destroying Israel became a pipe dream for Israel’s Arab neighbors. It was no longer a feasible reality.

Then Israel instituted a policy of building small towns – settlements – in the Gaza Strip as it did across the rest of the State of Israel. This was to insure that the area would not go back to being a terrorist haven. Well, the area was from peaceful. Israel poured enormous amounts of soldiers into the area, and it was a hotbed. But nearly all of the attacks were on the soldiers or settlements. But due to internal political pressure, Israel unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip on the weak hope that somehow it would bring more quiet to the area. It backfired. The terrorist infrastructure quadrupled if not more, and they rained missiles on Israel by the thousands, and built terror tunnels into Israeli towns.

The lesson is clear. Wherever Israel is in charge, terrorism decreases. Wherever Israel shows weakness and walks away, the terrorism increases exponentially. It won’t be pretty when Israel takes back the Gaza Strip, but it will save more lives than if Israel doesn’t retake the Gaza Strip the next time the missiles come raining down.

Dr. Risch

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