Did Trump Just Begin an Offensive on China By Defunding the WHO?

by Avi Abelow

US President Donald Trump just announced a halt of US funding to the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the WHO’s role in mismanaging the Coronavirus outbreak. While this is a direct step against the World Health Organization, can it be a strategic first step against China as well? President Trump is punishing the WHO for covering up for China’s role in the CCP Wuhan coronavirus outbreak, and allowing Chinese nationals to travel around the world, even after China closed off the Wuhan province to internal Chinese travel.

The WHO Blocked Doctors From Urging Border Controls to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus and is Refusing to Name the Doctors Responsible

President Trump gave a warning shot to the WHO and China already on April 7th. Today, he is taking his first step of action against the WHO.

China allowed around 5 million nationals to travel to the U.S. from Wuhan during the breakout of the Wuhan Virus, after the area was closed off in China.

President Trump has been vocal about the danger of China to the US economy for more than three decades. He now understands that this virus was created by Communist China, hence his adamant stance to call it the China virus.

Ultimately, President Trump understands that he must take on China for being responsible for this virus in order to build up the American economy again. The American people, public opinion, or public opinion might not be ready for him to take on China directly. This step of halting funding to the WHO might be the first step in a greater plan to go after China itself.

One thing is for certain, no other world leader has the tempermant or leadership ability and stature to take on China to stop it and punish it for the huge amount of damage it did to humanity with spreading this virus. Not only have lives been lost all over the world, but national economies have been decimated. If no other leader stands up to China, then not only will China have gotten away with this horrendous act of bio-warfare, intentional or not, on a global scale, but it will also reap huge economic benefits, while all other countries suffer economically.

The President’s halting of funds to the WHO does not directly take on China and its role in this pandemic. However, maybe, just maybe, it is the first step of a greater plan to go after China as well.

For the sake of humanity, our future, our lives and our national economies, let’s hope that that is the case. China must be stopped and be held responsible.

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