Israel’s COVID-19 Response Success Puts A Final Nail In Netanyahu’s Opposition

by David Mark

If Israelis have learned one thing about their country over the coronavirus pandemic – some would be leaders are better off remaining would be leaders.

For all of the attacks on the current caretaker government and even Prime Minister Netanyahu, most experts have come to a conclusion – their crisis management skills are the best out there and I mean anywhere in the world. After all, Israel has been ranked number one in the world in its COVID-19 response.

With this reality setting in as well as Benny Gantz simply being outplayed by Netanyahu, Israelis recognize there is little alternative to either a fourth election or a rightwing government led by the current Prime Minister. Remember, Lapid and Yaalon all claimed Gantz was the most suitable to lead the country. Now they are claiming otherwise. Blue and White also claimed Netanyahu’s and Bennett’s management of the COVID-19 crisis was a failure – no believes that now.

This is exactly why, if a hypothetical fourth election would occur, Netanyahu and the right would win handily.

There are issues in Israel – challenges no other place has, but Gantz’s missteps show that the opposition were never fitting leaders, just bad sports. They were far more ready to point out every blemish Israel’s leadership had instead of recognizing that Netanyahu, despite reservations is the best leader the country has perhaps since its founding. If they had understood this, Gantz and his friends would have found a way to work for the betterment of Israeli society, rather than trying to get into a position everyone now recognizes they were never ready for in the first place.

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