Mike Huckabee Dropped a Bomb on the Entire Muslim World

by Phil Schneider

This seems like ancient history. But it is not. It is only a few years old – at the end of the Obama administration. These are scary video clips from ISIS – back when it seemed like the radical Muslim threat was the #1 threat to the world. Governor Huckabee sheds some light on the situation. Now we can perhaps appreciate the leadership we have today.


The Governor’s attitude was that the United States needs to keep itself out of intra-Muslim fighting. This is one of the attitudes that pervades both the Republican and Democrat parties. The attitude is not isolationist. This is not Rand Paul. It is simply against nation-building. Why? Because it is so difficult and perhaps impossible. Sometimes the best way to go to take are of big issues is to contain major problems and not necessarily solve every issue that is indeed a threat to the free world. Flex economic muscle to the extreme. Use the armed forces sparingly, and in very exceptional cases to keep the world honest.

Indeed, the best way to fight ISIS and many others is to dry them up financially and contain the threat. That may be the case with China and other countries like North Korea. It’s much more than financial sanctions. It’s about financial containment. But the Western world will need to begin a battle for production in order to become much less dependent on the Chinese nation. This is one of the reasons that President Trump may indeed be uniquely suited for our times.

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