Archie Bunker Sits Down For Shabbat

by Phil Schneider

This is pure traditional pleasure. Archie Bunker who acts like a racist in this 70’s comedy, dons a kippa and observes the Sabbath customs. Archie Bunker has some guests over for the Sabbath and brings his unique attitude to the table. This is a classic, like all Archie Bunker shows.

The Sabbath is observed every Saturday by Jews across the world. The writer Ahad Ha’Am once claimed that more than the Jews “watched over” the Sabbath, the Sabbath “watched over” them. This is a very true statement. Every week, families all over the world get together and refocus on what truly matters in the world. They refocus on the fact that their lives need to revolve around a central idea – Godliness. The Sabbath table has become the bonding agent for the Jewish family’s transmission of Jewish values from generation to generation.

Indeed, the Jewish people have clung to the Sabbath as they have clung to other traditions that keep the Jewish people together. The Jewish people are a people that have been scattered to all four corners of the earth. But they still retain an international bond through common values. The Sabbath, connection to the Land of Israel, and other aspects of Jewish tradition are the bonds that unify and bring the Jewish people together.

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