The UN Gets An Injection Of Truth

by Phil Schneider

The worst violators of religious freedom are China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Eritrea. Hillel Neuer points out that all of these 5 countries oppress people due to their religion more than any other countries. But the United Nations is not really connected to the truth that exists in the world. It only exists as a place for representatives from the entire world to get together and discuss issues and posture as if they are truly making an impact.

The United Nations should indeed be a place where representatives from the entire world should get together and discuss matters of concern from the entire world. The problem is that the representatives are inherently political representatives. The United Nations should be led by people who are well known in the world due their high morals. They should then have the pulpit to speak their minds and impact on the masses via the podium of the UN. The goal should not be for the UN to be a place where divisiveness is discussed. But it should be the place where scientists, philosophers, and peace activists and religious leaders come together to discuss, preach, and set the bar high for the entire world to strive towards.

This is doable, but only if there is a complete reset in the value system that pervades the United Nations. Now, it is basically a well-funded sham where tens of thousands of paid employees around the world all focus on protecting their positions and not on truly impacting on the world.


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