Did the UN hold an emergency session as rockets rained down on Israel?

by Leah Rosenberg

When does the United Nations have an emergency session? When terrorists kill innocent people? When they fire rockets incessantly at Israelis? If only.

Emergency Session?

When rockets are literally raining down on Israel, shouldn’t the UN hold an emergency session? That would seem like the obvious and rational thing to do. But the UN has other plans. Instead, they continue to incessantly blame Israel. For what? For defending themselves against terrorism. It gets more and more absurd each time.

Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch, is always there to call out the UN for their injustices. The fact is, Israel uses precision strikes. They try to just target the terrorists themselves. On the other hand, the terrorists fire rockets at the entire civilian population. That is a war crime! It is against international law! Shouldn’t the UN care? Shouldn’t they immediately hold an emergency session?

The World is Confused

American comedian and TV host once Jay Leno said, “It’s an odd situation that you have Israel surrounded by a gazillion Arabs, and somehow the Arabs are the underdogs. I think Israel is so efficient in defending itself and so good at it, that to the rest of the world it looks like bullying. It’s mystifying.”

What is Israel supposed to do? Let terrorists fire rockets incessantly without fighting back? Let children live in bomb shelters and never get an education because it is too dangerous to go outside and to go to school? Israel can and should defend itself as strongly as possible. And NO ONE should criticize them for that.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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