The Israeli insanity that’s happening at the Gaza border

by Gavriel Dan

Gedalia Blum shows the world the Israeli insanity that is happening at the Gaza border. It is hard to believe until you see it.

With missiles raining down through last week, many Israelis in the Gaza area spent the week in bunkers. Schools were cancelled, shops were closed, and life ground to a halt.

What Gedaliah Blum shows in his video though is an Israeli insanity from a positive angle. Despite missiles raining down, Jews can be seen dancing to music and mulling around in the streets. No where else in the world during war time would a populace be out in the streets dancing…that just does not happen.

“This is insanity, a good type of insanity, but still insanity,” says Blum towards the end of the video.

Israelis have been running in and out of bomb shelters since Ariel Sharon destroyed thriving Jewish communities in Gaza in the summer of 2005, in a move that most observers now see as misguided.

The move tore Israeli society apart and brought Hamas to power in Gaza. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have vowed to destroy the only Jewish state through any means necessary.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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