Leftist students support segregation on college campuses

by Leah Rosenberg

When Leftist students are supporting segregation, you know that there is a problem with this generation. See for yourself.

Leftist Students on Segregation

Well, here you have it. These Leftist students openly said they think it is great if Black students have their own spaces, housing, gyms, and even graduations. Colleges are actually creating these separate conditions for Black people! And the White students are supportive of it! Doesn’t it make you wonder what decade we are living in?

It is honestly shocking, to say the least. Aren’t Liberals supposed to be tolerant of anyone and everyone? This video definitely shows otherwise. Being okay with segregation is not being tolerant.

Black Community Rightly Offended

The local Black community was rightly offended by this idea of segregation. Why should they have a separate graduation? Why should they have separate gyms? As one woman said, “Why? Are you going back in time? Why are you separating? We’re all together.” Others said that it is segregation. Their opinions are clear.

College Campuses Must Change

This is not the only issue taking place on college campuses. There is antisemitism. Hatred of Israel. Hatred of anyone who thinks differently than the Leftist mindset. There are anti-American values being spread. And we cannot forget about the ignorance.

College campuses have become a place of intolerance. And something needs to change.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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