Did Muslim congresswoman marry her brother and commit immigration fraud?

by Leah Rosenberg

Ilhan Omar is an antisemitic, anti-American congresswoman. And now, there is strong evidence that she actually committed immigration fraud!

Immigration Fraud

Immigration fraud is a serious felony – for ANYONE to commit. But the fact that strong proof shows that Ilhan Omar married her brother and committed immigration fraud is another level. She is someone who is in congress and should be representing the American people and upholding American values. But that is the opposite of what she does.

Omar should be protecting the American people. But she has not lived up to that expectation. It is frightening that she is still a congresswoman. How did anyone vote her into congress? Why do Americans look past her racism and anti-american values?

Will the American People Ignore it?

Will the American people ignore this issue as well? It seems that anything problematic that relates to democrats and Muslims, too many remain silent. No one wants to say anything. Even when it is serious. Ilhan Omar’s vicious antisemitism has not properly been addressed. And it has been happening far too often. Even the President has asked her to resign! Indeed, people are afraid to offend Muslims. But if you ignore her blatant antisemitism, will you also ignore her immigration fraud? Will you turn a blind eye to crimes that she commits?

Let’s start defending American values and not ignoring those who abuse the system. America is a free and democratic country, and people like Ilhan Omar should be held accountable for any and all crimes.

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