The Israeli historian who has history all wrong

by Leah Rosenberg

This is Ilan Pappe. He is supposed to be an Israeli historian, but why is he so confused about history? Why can’t he get the facts straight?

Israeli Historian Misleads the World

It is absurd that an Israeli historian, who definitely is supposed to know history, is misleading the world about historical facts. This video perfectly rejects all his false claims and responds with the truth. Due to Ilan Pappe’s political agenda, he shares false information. He is trying to change history. And sadly, people fall for it. People believe historians, even when they attempt to demonize the Jewish state.

It is shocking to realize that the world really does not care about the truth. They try to rewrite history and change the facts.

The Jews Know Their History

The thing about the Jewish people is that they remember. They know their history. They are a people who have remembered and studied their traditions for thousands of years. The Jews have never forgotten the land of Israel. It is mentioned in the Bible, in the Talmud, birkat hamazon (grace after the meal), various blessings, religious texts, songs, and more. So for a historian, especially an ISRAELI historian, to deny the history of the Jewish people and the land of Israel is ridiculous! He makes such preposterous claims in this video that indeed, it is almost comical!

It seems like too much of the world believes in what Ilan Pappe has said in this video. And we all need to learn to fight back against the lies.

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