President Trump Calls Upon Muslim Congresswoman to Resign over Jew-Hating Tweets

by Avi Abelow

Ilhan Omar, the new Democratic Muslim Congresswoman, has once again exposed her hatred for Jews for the whole world to see on Twitter. She has gone too far and President Trump is calling for her resignation. Her Jew-hatred is not just bad for the Jews and the Democrats, but for the USA.

Omar basically just accused pro-Israel Americans as unpatriotic rich, greedy puppet-masters, which is a totally antisemitic and vile lie. The Twitterverse went rightly crazy, and the Democratic leadership finally issued a condemnation with a demand for Omar to apologize, but that is not enough. A big sign that not only do the Democrats have a problem, but America has a problem.

Omar has just mainstreamed antisemitism. Besides the backlash that she has received for her tweets, the amount of support she is receiving is terrifying. She has mainstreamed the conversation that American Jewry, and only American Jewry, has a dual-loyalty. And that the Jews, and only the Jews, use money to influence American politics. Both claims are absolutely absurd. Yet, the scary thing is that this hatred and blatant double standard against American Jews has now gone mainstream, thanks to her tweets and to the Democratic establishment’s weak response without any punishment whatsoever.

Ilhan Omar’s History of Jew Hatred

President Trump definitely understands the severity of her public, undeleted, comments: “I think she should either resign from Congress or she should certainly resign from the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” Trump said of the freshman lawmaker.

As Morton Klein of the ZOA just tweeted, Omar has called Israel an evil and a apartheid State, she has lied that Israel massacres Arabs, she spewed the Jew-hating lies that Jews hypnotize the world &that Jewish money controls Congress, she supports BDS, urges compassion for ISIS killers and shares podiums with Jew-hating terrorists

The Problem

Jew-hatred is a cancer that grows. It is representative of a bigger cultural problem of tension and negativity that leads to cultural and social turmoil. When a society allows Jew-hatred to go unchecked it is allowing that cancer to grow. While it always starts with “just” hating the Jews, it never ends with the Jews.

Truth on PAC Contributions

The Growing Antisemitism on the Left

I said this two years ago. The media totally ignored the growing antisemitism in America during eight years of Obama because it didn’t fit the narrative. Obama spent eight years courting J-Street, an anti-Israel organization. He also had an open door policy to the White House inviting anti-Israel, and anti-USA, Muslim Brotherhood-associated organizations. The level of anti-Israelism and anti-semitism, especially on college campuses, was on a scary rise during his eight year term, but the media was silent. The media also ignored how Obama and the democratic party did nothing for eight years to help the black community. All they did was focus on Black Lives Matter, further growing racial tensions in America.

I said thank G-d for Trump being elected President because now the media would start reporting about antisemitism. And blacks and minorities will finally be helped with jobs, instead of democratic handouts, that never helps them longterm, yet shackles them to the democratic party.

More Jews are now openly coming out and identifying as conservatives, as the most recent Tikvah Fund conference in NY displayed. Last year they only had 300 attendees and this year they were packed with 800, with another 200 people at the doors trying to pay higher prices to existing ticket holders.

More blacks are proudly leaving the Democratic party as well, to vote Republican in the past midterm elections, and you can follow that change online with the #Blexit hashtag.

These processes are historic and they wouldn’t be happening if President Trump was like “hitler”, as many in the left are saying.

However, the growth and acceptance of Jew hatred in the halls of Congress by elected officials in the Democratic party are dangerous for all Americans. History is clear, while Jews have survived centuries of antisemitism, the socieities that mainstreamed antisemitism self-destructed.

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