Kuwaiti cleric uploads YouTube video threatening non-Muslims with death

by Leah Rosenberg

Non-Muslims are threatened with death if they refuse all the other “options” they are given by Muslims. Listen to what this cleric ridiculously says!

Non-Muslims are “Apostates”

It is absurd the way Muslim leaders speak and preach. Muslims are taught to kill those who refuse to believe in their religion. This video just gets more and more absurd as you listen to the Kuwaiti Cleric Othman Al-Khamis speak. It seems as if he tries to rationalize what a Muslim’s beliefs are, but there is absolutely nothing rational about killing non-Muslims. And sadly, Al-Khami is not the only one to teach this to his followers.

Othman Al-Khamis uploads a weekly YouTube video. There is so much potential to create peaceful talks, yet he chooses to make videos like these. He even says, “Don’t feel sorry for them. They are infidels who refuse to worship Allah.”

The Reality

This is just the reality. True, there are plenty of peaceful Muslims in the world. And we must acknowledge them. But if we only speak of them and not of the radicals, the world will be in trouble. We need to realize what is being spoken and taught to millions upon millions of people. Because if we ignore it, nothing will change. And right now, things definitely need to change.

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