Israeli winner of Eurovision 2018 responds to boycott threats

by Phil Schneider

When actors and performers begin to express their political views, they often expose their weak intellect. Netta Barzilai is different. She comes off as a very intelligent, very open-minded person. Even her English is pretty good. She understands that this is a battle between light and darkness, ood and evil. And she gets that boycotts are big deals.

Habitual Anti-Israel

There are many in the world today who once they hear about anything having to do with Israel, they reflexively think negative thoughts. They associate Israel with negative stereotypes. What they don’t often realize is that their minds have been duped by the smart, yet modern forms of anti-semitism. That is what the BDS movement is. A modern, seemingly progressive movement that seems driven to right the wrongs of unfairness in the world.

But the BDS movement actually could not care less about fairness. It cares nothing about the welfare of Arabs in Israel. It cares only about the destruction of Israel. That is why it ONLY focuses on Israel. It does not care about the hundreds of thousands of Syrian Arabs who have been killed in the ongoing Civil War. It cares nothing about Arabs who are oppressed in Egypt. It only cares about the Arabs in Israel. That is because the Arabs in Israel are their weapon to use as an attack wand against the State of Israel.

That is called hypocrisy. It is called darkness. Netta Barzilai is right. This is about light vs. darkness.

Israel Memorial Day
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