DeSantis Goes To War With Pfizer

by David Mark

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has now taken aim at Pfizer over what he calls misleading information about its mRNA Covid vaccine. DeSantis has asked Florida supreme court to impanel a grand jury to investigate vaccine makers.

“In Florida, we are creating what we are calling the Public Health Integrity Committee. It is a committee of expert researchers that will be able to access recommendations and guidance related to public health and healthcare but particularly to offer critical assessments to things that bureaucracy’s like the FDA, CDC, and NIH are doing,” DeSantis said.

Pointing out that the CDC has become politicized, DeSantis wants to open an investigation into Pfizer’s vaccine. At the time of the vaccine’s rollout, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla insisted that it was able to reduce the effect of Covid and prevent transmission. It has now been proven that neither was true. More than that, it is becoming clearer that the vaccine maybe the leading cause of increased injuries and death across the USA and the world.

Florida’s Surgeon General Dr. Joespeh Ladapo also took part in the round table. He spoke directly about the damage the vaccines appear to be causing. “We know that there has been a lot of faith destroyed in public health, and I think that it’s important that we have folks that actually can rely on when they’re looking for answers and they’re looking for answers on some of these really, really important issues,” Dr. Ladapo said.

DeSantis’ move is the first real move against vaccine makers and represents a serious threat at uncovering real collusion between the government and pharmaceuticals. By taking on Covid vaccines Ron DeSantis sets himself up as the main political force pushing heavy against the WEF’s goal of taking over and controlling the world.

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