Democrats Have Had Enough of President Biden

by Leah Rosenberg

Get ready for Kamala. Either it will be President Biden stepping down after the midterms or it will be President Biden declaring sometime before 2024 that it’s time to make way for the next generation of leadership. It is quite remarkable that Joe Biden has lasted until now, and not very surprising how inept his Presidency has been. Joe Biden is certainly qualified and experienced enough for the job. He is simply way past his prime, and does not have enough close family and advisers telling him that he doesn’t belong in the Oval Office.

Kamala Harris is in many ways the opposite side of the same coin as Joe Biden is. She is under-qualified, inexperienced, yet in her prime. She has enough energy, ability to handle the pressure, and yes, even affability to attract a reasonable amount of votes from the centrists who usually determine election outcomes. She would probably do better than President Biden in 2024 if Donald Trump was the Republican contender.

As things look now, Donald Trump will probably run and win the Republican nomination for the 2024 presidential election. He’ll be seen as both the comeback kid and perennial sore loser. But more than anything, he’ll properly be viewed as the candidate who will get the economy back on track. George H. Bush lost the 1992 election due to several factors. But the economy was certainly one of the top 3 factors. Just ask James Carville. In 2024, the economy will almost certainly be a top level issue again. Even some of Donald Trump’s detractors may be willing to hold their nose and vote for Donald Trump if they care about their economic woes as their #1 issue.

But there is a greater issue which will probably be ignored. Donald Trump, whether you support him or loathe him, is a master at aggrandizing the news cycle. If he runs in 2024, the election will be all about him. But if Kamala Harris is his opponent, it should really be about her. She is not merely a lightweight on nearly every issue. She is wrong about nearly every issue. The one thing she ought to know a thing or two about – crime, as a former D.A., should scare away anybody from voting for her. Kamala Harris is a proud Black Lives Matter supporter. She has never walked back her comments that she made on the Colbert Show. She is a pro-crime, anti-white, pronoun declaring candidate – as that is what is progressive and cool today.

Donald Trump in the Oval Office is not an unknown. He will go through staff at a whirlwind pace, but he will be an effective executive. Kamala Harris is the unknown candidate who will scare Vladimir Putin and the Chinese Communist Party even less than Joe Biden.

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