Jewish Prayer has Finally Returned on the Temple Mount

by Leah Rosenberg

Har HaBayit, or the Temple Mount, is the holiest Jewish site. But for years and years, Jews were not allowed to pray there.

Praying on the Temple Mount

It is absolutely amazing that after years of apartheid against Jews on our holiest site, the Temple Mount, Jews are now having a public prayer service. The following is what has been limited for Jews on the Temple Mount: They are only allowed to enter through one of the entrances, the site is only open to Jews for a few hours a day, they are forbidden to bring up any prayer books or holy books, they are forbidden to wear any clothing with Jewish or Israeli symbols, and Jews are forbidden to move lips of prayer. This is a miraculous change that now there is public prayer after all that has been forbidden.

Freedom of religion and freedom of worship on the holiest site to the world is a basic right, and we can no longer appease the violence and intolerance of the Muslim world that forbids the Jews from doing all these things on our holiest site. The fact that Muslims even claim the site is holy to them and then they desecrate it is an entire issue in itself.

But for now, let us appreciate the miracles that are happening before our eyes. This is definitely the era of the final redemption, and we must continue to pray for the complete redemption and the Messiah to come speedily in our days.

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