Dan Crenshaw CRUSHES Bill Maher After Suggesting Trump Didn’t Act Early Enough on Coronavirus

by Avi Abelow

One can agree or disagree with whether President Trump has done enough and with what he has done or not done, however it is critical to know the facts to then discuss the issue properly. Congressman Dan Crenshaw does a wonderful job of breaking down the timeline and the facts in the face of questions he received from Bill Maher based on misinformation spread by much of the mainstream media.

Congressman Crenshaw made an additional video with even more information that highlights the information behind the timeline of what really has been taking place. Make sure to watch this as well!

The Israeli mainstream media is acting the same exact way with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. On the one hand they were attacking him for acting with a heavy hand closing down the Israeli economy. Now they are attacking him for not doing enough and for slowly opening up the Israeli economy.

I want to focus on a message Congressman Dan Crenshaw adds in his second video above. We are not here to place any blame on anyone. Are any of our leaders doing everything perfectly? Are they making no mistakes whatsoever in dealing with this global pandemic? I’m sure no leader, not even Trump or Netanyhau are doing everything perfectly. But I do believe they are doing the best they can with the data and information that they have. I don’t think anybody would want to switch positions with any world leader right now. The job they have in trying to navigate this horrific situation, for the good of their people, is tremendous and hard. At the same time, I’m all for having voices in the media questioning decisions made. However, first and foremost, we should all be thankful that we have leaders making the hard decisions taking care of us, and that attitude should also be expressed in the media, at the same time as the questions. Mainstream media using their voices to just blame Trump and Netanyahu exposes more the agenda of the mainstream media than it does Trump or Netanyahu.

Dr. Risch

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