“Crazy” Bernie Stands Alone As A True Anti-Israel Democrat

by Gavriel Dan

Bernie Sanders aka “Crazy” Bernie as President Trump calls him, was once considered a fringe socialist a probable communist, now he has effectively secured frontrunner status in the Democratic nomination battle.

While Democrats have cooled over the years to Israel, have never lambasted the Jewish State or even Prime Minister Netanyahu the way Sanders has done.

“Israel is led by reactionary racist,” Sanders has recently said, referring to Netanyahu.

Of course, one can simply accuse him of antisemitism, except the fact that Sanders himself is Jewish. Those trying to take him down for his view on the State of Israel find this the most troubling aspect of his candidacy and the most dangerous if he is elected.

Sanders does not need to be elected to be a danger to the State of Israel, although that would be catastrophic. By just being the nominee who would force the Democratic party’s official stances to be far to the left of where they are now. Not only that he may even put in BDS in the plank of the Democratic part.

It is this reason why Bernie Sanders is not only “crazy” but dangerous as well.

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