Benjamin Netanyahu announces huge building project around Jerusalem

by Phil Schneider

Many have said that Prime Minister Netanyahu is a magician because of the way he has handled everything connected to holding onto power. He has been constantly praised or criticized by his supporters and foes for his stances on controversial issues. Within Israel, the question of the settlements is often considered one of the hottest topics. Certainly, the Arab position has been consistently against any form of reconciliation to any form of Israeli building. But Israel has stood strong on this issue – despite what may seem like some waffling.

Prime Minister Netanyahu will probably go down in history as the leader who helped Israel avert a major showdown with Iran and who kept Israel basically safe for more than a decade. But his policies as far as building settlements will have major repercussions for decades to come. They will determine Israel’s borders and safety situation for the next generations.

Bibi basically outsmarted Barack Obama by seemingly giving in to Obama in the first 2 years of the Obama administration, and then outmaneuvering Obama for the following 6 years while building, but in a more covert manner. Now that the Trump administration has reversed course on Israel, it is the right timing for Netanyahu and the State of Israel to accelerate any plan that includes major building of the State of Israel. Netanyahu’s promises before the election have value. But it is his negotiations with the Trump administration about applying sovereignty that have led to the best results. Israel now stands on the cusp of a major accomplishment if they stand strong and stick with the Trump administration. Bibi’s hallowed place in history is clear. Now, the question is whether or not he will use his power to make his hallowed place even more legendary.

Dr. Risch

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