Enough! Jordan Must Extradite Terrorist Mastermind

by Phil Schneider

Arnold Roth has spoken out consistently and forcefully since his teenage daughter was daughter, Malki, was killed by an Arab suicide bomber. Malki was in a pizza store in a central intersection in Jerusalem. The spot was specifically chosen by the driver of the terrorist. The driver has not been extradited to this day, despite the fact that she is known to be living freely in the country of Jordan, right next to Israel.

Israel’s relationship with Jordan is a rather up-and-down story. Jordan fought against the fledgling State of Israel in 1948, and basically won most of their battles against Jordan, except for a few specific battles that they lost. The main area that Israel lost was the Old City of Jerusalem. This was and is the holiest place in the entire State of Israel to the Jewish people. But Jordan did not allow any Jew to visit the Western Wall, and basically occupied the holiest part of the State of Israel for 19 years until Israel liberated it from Jordan in the Six Day War.

Jordan fought 2 wars against the State of Israel. But, suddenly, under the tenure of Yitzhak Rabin, Israel signed a peace treaty with Jordan that has largely lasted until today. But it has not always been a smooth process. One of the sad parts is that Jordan is still harboring a proven terrorist such as Tamimi. Not only did they take in this terrorist, but she has been celebrated as a hero on Jordanian television. This is one of the examples as to why a campaign to extradite Tamimi should be strengthened, both by the Israeli courts and the American diplomats. A critical aspect of peace treaties must always include extraditing terrorists. Arnold Roth should be praised for his dignified and consistent stand in the face of weakness towards terrorists.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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