“Squad” Freezes Funding For Iron Dome

by Gavriel Dan

The Squad backed up by their “Woke” Democrat allies prevented funding for the Iron Dome system that has protected Israel from repeated missile attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah.

Far left Democrats are going far beyond their usual complaints about Israel and are now threatening to put its population in serious danger by preventing the funding of the Iron Dome system. The Democratic leadership had to drop the funding from the budget bill in order to get it passed after Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and others threatened to vote against the bill -dooming the government.

Senate Majority leader Stanley Hoyer, indicated that he will bring a separate bill up for a vote next week specifically focused on the Iron Dome.

Whether or not Israel gets the funding it needs for the Iron Dome, the outsized influenced the Squad has on US foreign policy should be worrisome for Israel as it means that unless Republicans can win back Congress in 2022, the USA is fast becoming a very unreliable ally for the Jewish State.

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