“Free Palestine” Protesters call for Jewish Students to be Kicked out of CUNY

by Leah Rosenberg

Jewish Students are being threatened on college campuses throughout the world. And here, it is happening once again.

The Antisemitic Call for Jewish Students to Leave Campus

Can you imagine if Jewish students held a protest for Muslim students to be kicked out of college? You wouldn’t hear the end of it from every news channel. The world would go crazy. But Jewish students wouldn’t do that. And here, you have pro-Palestinian supporters calling for Jewish students to be ousted from John Jay College. Do you see what they said? “Zionism out of CUNY.” How dare they!

There is one Jewish state in the world. There are officially 22 Arab countries. And what is the one country whose legitimacy is constantly questioned? Just Israel – the only democracy in the Middle East. Just the Jewish state. The tiny sliver of land that G-d gave to the nation of Israel thousands of years ago. The tiny sliver of land that has rich Jewish history – and archaeological proof of it, too.

And in today’s world, anyone who supports the Jewish state is subjected to discrimination at colleges -and elsewhere. It is absolutely insane!

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