AOC Introduces Resolution to Aid Hamas in Killing Israeli Citizens

by Phil Schneider

There is a small, yet growing group in Congress that is plotting to destroy Israel – in broad daylight. That is not an overstatement. That is exactly what a small group in Congress – around 6 or 7 members – are trying to do. They will oppose Israel no matter what Israel does, and they will do anything to help the side that attacks Israel. This has been proven time and again. But now, we see it more clearly than at any other time.

Even Israel’s detractors have always admitted that Israel has the moral, legal, and human right to defend themselves. This is so self-evident that it does not even need to be said. Well, actually, in today’s day and age, nothing can be taken for granted. Now that Congress has people representing the American people who are not opposed to the destruction of the Twin Towers and who are not opposed to the bombing of the State of Israel, we must spend time saying that Israel has the right to exist. Yes, people like AOC and Ilhan Omar oppose Israel’s very existence, and Israel will not cease to exist. That pipe dream of destroying the Jewish people is part of history, but it still exists as aspiration – even in the Halls of Congress.

There is nobody today in America who is a Democrat who should not be ashamed of what is going on in the party. It is just a a matter of time till they become a more powerful voice and even take over the leadership of the party. The United States has historically been the best friend of the State of Israel, but if the Obamas and the AOC-type politicians take over the leadership of the United States, Israel better start looking elsewhere.

Dr. Risch

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