Israeli Startup Develops Foldable Electric Car that Will Change the Future of City Driving

by Leah Rosenberg

Every Israeli startup seems to do something cool. And this one is no different. You are going to be blown away by what they are producing.

Israeli Startup is Changing the Future of City Driving

This is cool. No, this is AWESOME. An electric, foldable car? It can’t be. But when Israel is involved, anything is possible. This car has some of the coolest gadgets. It seems like it is straight out of a movie! The Israeli startup that developed this foldable electric car may just change the future of city driving. In just a few years time, things may look very different on the streets.

Israelis are determined and motivated people. And that is why you have so many inventions and innovations coming out of such a small country. The Jewish nation is stubborn – G-d himself knows that and has called His nation that. It can be a negative trait, yes. But it can also be a positive trait if used in the right way. And when Jews use the trait of stubbornness in the form of determination and dedication; in the form of never giving up, that is when they change the world.

It is always exciting to see what new things Israelis come up with. The world is filled with opportunity, and the tiny Jewish state seems to always jump at those opportunities!

If only more of the world realized how much good Israel does; how Israel betters the world. How Israel is a country that works to bring more life, love, happiness, innovation, and freedom into the world – not the opposite. If only…

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