Is The Taliban’s Control Beginning To Slip?

by Micha Gefen

China and Pakistan placed all of their faith in the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan allowing both of them to effective control Afghanistan without lifting a finger.

While the Taliban took their control of the Panjshir Valley as a fait accompli, with resistance fighters suddenly disappearing from Panjshir, the truth is beginning to come out. The Panjshir resistance fighters may not have truly retreated, but rather are waiting to strike back when it is most convenient. With Taliban infighting beginning to spiral out of control, the resistance’s plan is beginning to take shape.

The Taliban was hoping that the various factions would set their distances aside in hope that their control of Afghanistan would be recognized by the international community.

Given Russia’s and India’s angst at China/Pakistan using the Taliban to take over Afghanistan, it is not surprising that those two countries will push with everything they have at the Taliban.

So, while the Taliban is hoping to make an impression that the Panjshir Valley has been lost to the resistance, the truth may be the opposite and Ahmad Massoud is just waiting for the opportune moment time to strike.

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