CNN won’t show you this, but here is what the Muslims want!

by Phil Schneider

What is the ultimate goal of the leaders of Radical Islam? It is scary, but true. Their goal – for many of them – is world domination. It’s true, that there are millions of Muslims around the world who do not aspire to take over the world. They may have different goals than the typical Westerner. But, taking over the world is a bit much for them. However, they are not the dominant leaders on the street and in the Mosques.

The Minority In Power Dictates

Brigitte Gabriel is the person who is best at explaining that what matters most is not what the majority think. What matters most is who is in power. And the radicals are the ones that are in power – all across Europe – and certainly in the Middle East. Therefore, even if the masses are not as radicalized as the leaders, that is liable to change. Yes, we must bring up Nazi Germany as an example. The Nazi theology and the radical Muslim theology are not the same. But they are both similarly dangerous. They both clearly believe in world domination. Therefore, they both need to be treated with the seriousness of what they threaten. One of the main lessons to learn from World War II is to take the words of radical leaders seriously.

It is so tempting to hope that the words of radicals are just rhetoric – geared at aggrandizing power – and nothing else. But words have a way of mobilizing and radicalizing – even the people who speak them. Chamberlain was wrong to underestimate the Nazi threat, and Obama was wrong to treat radical Islam with kid gloves. If we don’t give in and we confront threats head-on, then we will win. Never surrender is an excellent name – coined by the leader who understood better than anyone else how to confront worldwide threats – Winston Churchill.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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