Knowing this can change the world’s view of Israel!

by Chaya Cikk

Knowing this can change your view on Israel. There is so much more to Israel then we see in the media on a day to day basis. So much good Israel does for the world that very few people know about.

Knowing This…

Did you know that there are so many cool things being invented in Israel? Medical equipment that will change the way we operate and so much more. Israel isn’t just a war zone that you might see on the media, they have so much more to offer.

Additionally, there are so many Doctor’s working behind the scenes in places such as the Hadassah Medical School or the Weizmann Institue and even the Hebrew University. They work to try and make our lives and our future better.

Did you know that there is a start-up in Israel called BrainQ? They are trying to develop treatments to help with any neuro disorders. One of the other amazing things is 3D imaging and holographic imagery. This will help with finding where to operate on a patient and it will leave little room for error when operating. How cool?

How cool is it that may be in a few years that we’ll be able to change our genetics? Thanks do Dr. Speigal from the Weizmann Institute. He has been learning about how our experiences affect our genetic code. This is all mind-blowing.

Save a Child’s Heart

This is such a wonderful organization. For those who don’t know, Save a Child’s Heart help those children who have been through any cardiac treatment. Furthermore, they help children not only in Israel but in other countries. So far, they’ve saved over 5000 children! That is amazing!

Finally, in medicine, no doctor should care about what religion you are. Or race or age or gender. The point is to save a life no matter what and that’s what these doctor’s do. Just watch and see what Dr. Mike learn on his trip to Israel.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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