This Sheikh just said something that should definitely wake up the West

by Leah Rosenberg

You would think by now the West would wake up to what Islam has been saying for centuries. But they haven’t. So let’s try to wake them up again.

Islam and the West

Sharia/Jihadi Muslims are not quiet about how they feel about the West and democracy. But in case someone forgot, Sheikh Ahmad Badran made it pretty clear. Muslims wants to take over the world. Even if they act like they believe in democracy, they do not. And Sheikh Badran said it himself: Once they take over, they will not allow “infidels” to rule over them.

Well, that sounds inviting and peaceful, at least to those who deny the truth about Islam.

The World Ignores the Truth

It is mind-boggling that after videos like these have been broadcasted for anyone to see, so many still deny the reality. Some leaders are too afraid to face the truth and to face the enemy. But ignoring the truth does not make it disappear. Even in America, Muslims in Congress are trying to begin their world domination.

Wake up, world. We cannot afford to let shariah/jihadi Islam rule over our values. We cannot let an evil ideology dominate the good in this world. Because like the Sheikh said to his Muslim followers “We should say to the infidels that when we rule according to Islam, there will not be a single law that will not be Islamic.” They want Sharia Law throughout the world. Is that really a reality you want to risk your life to see?

While not all Muslims believe in this, there are hundreds of millions Muslim do believe in this, with Sheiks who preach this in their Mosques across Western countries, including in the United States of America.

The only way to protect the freedom-loving world we love, as well as the freedom-loving Muslims who escaped the terror and intolerance of Islam from the Middle East and Asia, is for Western leaders to finally outlaw the Muslim organizations, like the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR and all their sister-organizations, that are promoting this message. Until that day, these Muslims will continue to gain strength and pose a huge threat to the freedom-loving life enjoyed by all in the West.

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