Chief Rabbi of Vienna gives eye-witness account of shooting attack

by Leah Rosenberg

The recent shooting attack in Vienna, Austria was horrific. People were killed for just living their lives. Many were injured.

Vienna Shooting Attack

The Chief Rabbi of Vienna gave a chilling firsthand account of the shooting attack. The attack may not have been directed solely at Jews, but it began right outside the main Vienna synagogue.

But one thing is for certain: It was radical Islamic terror that went on a rampage. Whether it is ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or any other Islamic terror group, terrorism is terrorism. Whether it is a radicalized Muslim acting on his own without affiliation to any group, or a Muslim who claims he is part of a terror group, terrorism is terrorism.

The Western and free world is at war with an ideology that threatens our existence. No one is immune to the threat. Even Muslims themselves are killed by radical Muslims!

Islamic Terrorism

Terrorism knows no boundaries. Pandemic? They don’t care. Terrorists will continue to go on rampages throughout the world. They don’t value human life.

The whole free world needs to unite against radical Islam. And they must unite strongly. You cannot act weakly when dealing with such a threat. Terrorism must be eradicated from the world. And the way to do that is most definitely NOT by appeasing terrorists.

Not all Muslims are bad. Many speak out against terror in the name of the religion they hold so dear. There are moderate Muslims and those who want to change what their brothers and sisters are doing. And that takes courage to speak out.

Will enough people be willing to fight against radical Islam and make a real change?

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