Islamic Scholar on Jihad reveals frightening truth about Islamic ideology

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Islamic Scholar on Jihad is telling the world to beware of what’s to come, it is time to listen up. We have it all wrong.

Islamic Scholar on Jihad and His View

This Norway-based Islamic scholar on Jihad explains how even after ISIS and Al-Qaeda fall, Jihadis will still exist. A new group will come. Why? Because of Islamic ideology. It is in the texts. It is in the education. Radical Muslims will always exist against the West. Whether the name is ISIS or some other name that these radicals come up with, they will still be here.

And the Western world needs to understand that.

Fighting Against an Idea

The West needs to realize that we are not fighting against a group or an organization. We are fighting against an idea. That is why even when we beat certain radical Islamic organizations, it does not mean we won. We may have eradicated a group of people, but not the idea at large. And it will continue to spread if we do not address the true problem. We must defeat the messages of Islam that Muslim Jihadis spread. The West is not at war with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or any other terrorist organization. We are at war with radical Islam. We are fighting against Jihadi ideology. And we must defeat that ideology. Because ultimately, we have no choice but to win.


Arab Incitement
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