Bibi goes to the beach in Brazil and plays soccer with some of the locals

by Phil Schneider

Benjamin Netanyahu is known as Bibi in Israel. He has been one of Israel’s longest-serving Prime Ministers.  Many see his accomplishments in the international sphere as his most significant accomplishments.  He succeeded in placing Iran as the top priority in the international war on terror.  And this past year, when the United States moved it’s embassy to Jerusalem, he was beyond proud that it happened on his watch.

Finance Minister

What Bibi is not as well known for is his major accomplishments in the fields of business and commerce.  Between the time of his first term as Prime Minister and his second term as Prime Minister, he served as Israel’s Minister of Finance.  He made a lot of waves and carried out some rather controversial policies.  While he served in that capacity, he was not even very popular.  However, he certainly did succeed in stabilizing and catapulting the Israeli economy in his tenure.  It has lasted till this day.

Socialist to Capitalist Economy

The Israeli economy started out as a very collectivist economy with an enormous amount of jobs in the public sector.  That changed very gradually over the decades.  But well into the 1980’s, when Israel’s economy was much more capitalistic, there were still a great amount of red tape in nearly every facet of the economy.  By the time, Bibi Netanyahu became foreign minister, alot of the red tape was gone.  But, he removed the monopolies on certain aspects of the economy – like the cellphone industry.

Israel still has a way to go in this regard.  However, one of the leaders that helped Israel get it’s reputation as the Start-Up nation is definitely Bibi Netanyahu.


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