Disproving Natalie Portman’s claim of racist Israeli law

by Leah Rosenberg

Natalie Portman claims Israel is racist. The Israeli law that she is referring to is not racist, and here is why. She has to get her facts straight.

Israeli Law

This video proves exactly why this Israeli law (as well as Israeli laws in general) is not racist. Israel is actually the one democracy in the Middle East. Tens of other countries DO have racist laws. Despite that truth, do you hear Natalie Portman speaking out about those countries? Why is she targeting Israel on a false premise?

Israel gives equal rights to everyone – whether they are Jewish or not. Arabs can vote, serve in the Israeli government, own land, and more. What does Portman have to say about THAT?

Too many of those in Hollywood criticize Israel, yet they have no concept of what ACTUALLY goes on in Israel. They don’t know the laws. They don’t know anything about Israel, actually.

Spread the Truth about Israel

Pro-Israel advocates just need to continue spreading the truth. They need to destroy the lies with the facts. Some people are just oblivious to the truth, and they get sucked into the lies that anti-Israel propaganda flood their minds with. All truth-loving people need to fight back against that! The double standard against the Jewish state and the Jewish people must stop. The Israel Advocacy Movement does a perfect job at debunking all the lies that Natalie Portman publicly said. Indeed, even the small things, like seeing the street signs in Israel as having Hebrew AND Arabic, prove that Israel is not a racist state.

So Natalie – learn the laws. See the country. And get your facts straight. Because right now, you are spreading lies against the Jewish state. If you haven’t realized yet that you are completely wrong and at fault for spreading anti-semitic propaganda, you really have to wake up.

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