Visit the Jewish state with the pro-Israel media star Katie Hopkins!

by Leah Rosenberg

Supporting Israel is not easy in a world where so many are against it. But when you listen to Katie Hopkins speak about the Jewish state, it becomes simple.

Katie Hopkins Supports the Jewish State

Katie Hopkins is a British media personality and more. She is a Christian who stands up for Israel in ways you do not always see and hear. Hopkins just gets it. She understands the “complex” situation in the Middle East, which frankly, isn’t so complex if you actually understand it.

People who sit at home and quietly support Israel are not doing anything wrong. But people who publicly and proudly defend the Jewish state are going above and beyond. And Katie Hopkins is one of those people.

The Simplicity of the Conflict

It is quite simple. One side wants the other side obliterated, destroyed, and murdered. It is the “Palestinians” that want the Israelis dead. They want the Jewish state gone, wiped off the map. Yes, not all “Palestinians” have these vicious intentions, but too many do. They do not want a two-state solution. Their goal is not to have their own state. Their stated goal is to destroy Israel. Jews value life. Many Muslims do not. It is that easy to understand. Despite what the media may claim about Israel, Israel is a democratic state, and they truly just want to live in peace. Side by side with peaceful neighbors.

The Arabs have been trying to destroy Israel and the Jews since before the state even existed. Israel has just been trying to defend itself and survive as the only Jewish state in the world. It IS that simple.

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