The letter that changed the Middle East forever

by Leah Rosenberg

November in America is often associated with Election Day on November 3. But the day before, something historical happened in 1917.

November 2, 1917

The Balfour Declaration. People have heard of it. People talk about it. But it set the stage for a future Jewish state. One of the most significant dates in modern Jewish history is November 2, 1917. It changed the course of history. It changed the Middle East. Did the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour know how significant his letter would be? Maybe, maybe not. Did he know that the Balfour Declaration supporting the creation of a modern Jewish state in the ancient Jewish homeland would go such a long way?

It is seemingly small moments that can change the course of history.

Words matter. Actions matter. One word or action can set into motion the prospects of peace or war; the building of allies or enemies.

How Far Israel has Come

Look at Israel’s extraordinary and miraculous rebirth. From that day on November 2, 1917 to November 2020, Israel has accomplished the impossible. They have overcome the threat of being completely obliterated from the map.

Learning about Jewish history is fascinating. Ancient and Biblical history, but also modern Jewish history. It is impossible not to see G-d’s hand when you learn about the story of the Jewish people. Everything is perfectly orchestrated by G-d. Sometimes it is easier to see it than other times. But it is clear that without the One above, Israel would have been destroyed from the world long ago. We must constantly thank G-d that He did not let that happen!

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